I am a Narrative Designer and Writer at my core with three years experience in film, video, video game, photography, and television environments.


Storytelling is my jam. My creativity comes to life in the written word whether I'm crafting character arcs, naming inventory items, or blocking out narrative sequences. My goal is to support and drive the story, to make the player laugh, cry, have goose bumps, and everything in between!

I earned both a graduate and undergraduate degree in Film and Media Studies from Emory University, and have developed a wealth of creative and technical skills, as well as bilingual abilities in English and Spanish. I am looking to explore ways I can utilize these talents to meet my next challenge. I have direct paid and internship experience in photography, film, video, video game, and television environments.

My broad experience in content creation would be a tremendous asset to any company or organization, as would my prowess in narrative and creative writing, copywriting, and editing.